DSISD Child Nutrition Services is committed to providing well-balanced meals and exemplary service to our students. We firmly believe that good nutrition fuels successful learning.

    Our sound Child Nutrition Program takes into account the critical nutritional needs of our students, while reflecting the reality of the current preferences of today’s young people.

    We adhere to the strictest guidelines of the Texas Department of Agriculture and the National School Breakfast and Lunch Program to safeguard the health and well-being of our students.

    Foods sent from home for an individual child's consumption are not restricted. However, parents are not allowed to send food for other students' consumption unless they meet the Texas Department of Agriculture guidelines. The rules affect the types of foods and the portions allowed.

    The DSISD Wellness Policy allows schools to designate three days for class parties with refreshments that don't meet the state or federal standards regarding competitive foods. In Dripping Springs ISD, those dates are determined by campus administration.

    The DSISD Wellness Policy prohibits fundraising through the sale of food during the school day at elementary schools. For middle and high schools, fundraising is prohibited where program meals are sold or consumed.

    The Texas Department of Agriculture has developed a list of ideas for non-food fundraising that is available at DownloadableTDAPublications.