Vendor Information

  • Solicitations

    Current bids or proposals can be found on the Purchasing Department's Bids and Proposals web page. The solicitations are available in PDF format. If you are unable to download a solicitation, please contact the Purchasing Office at 512.858.3039.

    DSISD utilizes any of the following solicitation methods that provides the best value for the district: competitive bidding; competitive sealed proposals; request for proposals, State contracts; interlocal contracts; design-build contracts; contracts that involve using a construction manager; or a job order contract for the minor construction, repair, rehabilitation, or alteration of a facility.

    Disclosure of Certain Relationships

    In accordance with Chapter 176, Local Government Code, a person or entity who contracts or seeks to contract with DSISD for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services (as well as agents of such persons) is required to file a Conflict of Interest Questionnaire with the Purchasing Office. Each covered person or entity who seeks to or who contracts with DSISD is responsible for complying with any applicable disclosure requirements. Any CIQ forms disclosing such relationships are listed below:

    Purchasing Process

    Purchases of $50,000 or more require a formal solicitation through newspaper advertisement, and solicitation documents are issued by the Purchasing Office.  Individuals schools and administrative departments may solicit informal quotations for purchases of less than $10,000.

    Receipt of Materials and Supplies

    All materials and supplies are to be delivered to the District location as indicated on the Purchase Order.

    Vendor Payment

    DSISD’s standard payment terms are Net/30 days. Vendors providing goods and services to the District receive payment in one sum upon completion of delivery and acceptance. Payment for Construction or Professional Services is made in accordance with the terms as indicated in the contract documents.

    Online Auctions

    As necessary, the District will be auctioning items through a third-party auction company to the public.