• Purchasing Coordinator
    Michelle Lyons - CTSBO
    Phone: 512.858.3039
    Fax: 512.858.3039


    The DSISD Purchasing Department is a component of Business Services that provides for the acquisition of goods and services, construction, and professional services requested by the District's schools and departments. The Purchasing Department supports the District's educational mission by procuring products and services in the most timely, efficient, and transparent means possible. The goal of the Purchasing Department is to maintain the highest level of customer service while adhering to the requirements of the district, state, and federal laws, rules, and procedures.  

    Staff Resources

    Approved Vendor List (Updated Feb. 28, 2023)

    Sole Source Affidavit

    Standard Terms and Conditions

    Vendor Request Form ( Must be completed by DSISD staff only)


    Data Privacy Agreement (DPA)


    Purchasing Process

    Most purchases are made from vendors who have been awarded bids through the bidding process managed by the District's Purchasing Department, as well as with vendors that have been awarded a contract through our Co-op affiliations.