DSISD Legislative Priorities

  • (Adopted October 22, 2018)


    • Support legislative efforts to ensure school safety and security.
      Support increased social and emotional health resources for schools with an emphasis on additional resources for training and access to necessary personnel.
    • Support additional financial resources to assist schools in utilizing these enhanced resources, with flexibility for districts to use these funds to meet the unique needs of local schools and communities.


    • Support legislative efforts to sustain and enhance Districts of Innovation to provide districts the flexibility to meet the evolving educational needs of their students.
    • Support legislation to increase the freedom for districts to govern at the local level by eliminating restrictive state mandates surrounding course numbers in PEIMS, grading, attendance requirements, etc.


    • Support an updated and adequately funded formula-based school finance system, which takes into account student and district characteristics when determining appropriate levels of funding to meet state and local standards.
    • Support legislative efforts to reform Chapter 41 of the Texas Education Code (known as “Robin Hood”) by  increasing the current threshold of state property tax values to WADA of $514,000.
    • Demand that all revenue generated by local districts remain in public education.
    • Support additional funding for the Instructional Facilities Allotment (IFA), Existing Debt Allotment (EDA), and the New Instructional Facilities Allotment (NIFA).


    • Support the continuation and adequate funding of the existing defined benefit program under TRS.
    • Support increased state funding and fundamental funding restructuring of TRS ActiveCare and TRS Care Health Insurance Plans to ensure long term stability and sustainability of these programs without burdening active and retired educators with additional costs and premium increases.



    Approved by the DSISD Board of Trustees 11.28.16