An employee absent from duty because of a job-related illness or injury may be eligible for workers’ compensation weekly income benefits if the absence exceeds seven (7) calendar days. The district's workers' compensation provider is TASB Risk Management Fund.

    Please note that workers’ compensation is not a form of leave and that the workers’ compensation law does not require the continuation of the district’s contribution to health insurance. An absence due to a work-related injury or illness will be designated as FMLA leave, temporary disability leave, and/or assault leave, if applicable.

    When you are injured at work:

    • Tell your supervisor immediately.
    • Complete a First Report of Injury with the help of your campus or department’s Workers’ Compensation contact person. Ask your Principal Secretary, Department Administrative Assistant, or campus Nurse if you are unsure of whom to contact.
    • For emergencies, you may go to the nearest emergency room. Otherwise, you must choose a treating doctor from the list at https://www.pswca.org.
    • After your campus or department files the First Report of Injury, it will go to HR, and HR will contact you to give you required forms and more specific information.
    • Call HR 512-858-3064 if you need assistance.

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