Local leave is paid leave allocated by the district according to the number of months you are scheduled to work. 

    Work Calendar

    Local Leave Days

    10 Month (177 to 197 days)


    11 Month (202 to 215 days)


    12 Month (220 to 250 days)


    If you are a part-time employee, if you are hired later in the school year, or if you leave the district before the end of the school year, local leave days are pro-rated according to the number of days you work. 

    Things to know:

    • Local leave can be used for absences due to illness, or for any other reason, just like State Personal Leave.
    • Local leave accumulates from year to year if you don't use all of your days.
    • If you leave the district, your Local Leave remains on record and is yours to use if you later return to work for DSISD.
    • Currently, it is district policy to pay retiring employees for unused Local Leave days upon retirement from the district. The current rate is $50/day for exempt employees and $30/day for non-exempt employees.