Bond Advisory Committee Member Profiles

  • Andrew Hutton (Committee Chair) – Attorney with more than 20 years of legal experience, including significant work in construction defect litigation related to commercial construction projects. Andy has been a DSISD resident for over 15 years and has two children who attend DSISD schools.

    Anthony Chambliss – Architect/Project Manager with 15 years of experience as an architect, project manager, construction manager, and owner's rep with a background in managing construction projects and developments. Anthony has been a DSISD resident for more than four years and is a parent in the community.

    Stephen Delgado – Director of Operations for a civil engineering consulting firm. As a licensed engineer and small business owner, Stephen has worked to design numerous facilities for various school districts. He has been a DSISD resident for over eight years and has two children who attend school in DSISD.

    Bill Householder – Hydrogeologist and 25-year resident of DSISD. Bill has worked in the construction industry for 28 years supporting the construction of major commercial, industrial, and residential projects.

    Gouri Johannsen – Electrical Engineer and DSISD resident for 11 years. Gouri has designed and supervised construction of residential building projects as well as helped on several land development projects including survey-reading, subdividing, planning of roads, water-crossings, and utility lines. Prior to moving to Texas, Gouri worked in the wireless communication industry on the West Coast for 15 years. 

    John Makar – Associate Principal Engineer for MEP consulting engineering firm. John has been a DSISD resident for over four years. He was an Engineer Officer in the U.S. Army where he led dozens of horizontal construction projects within the U.S. and abroad. His engineering experience includes HVAC and plumbing design for several K-12 projects.

    James Murray – Retired Financial Executive from Whole Foods Market and 20-plus year resident of DSISD. James’ experience includes responsibility for all finance, accounting, and budgeting activities for a 40-plus store region. His team oversaw all aspects of construction budgeting and accountability for all the new and remodeled stores, distribution centers, and bakehouses. James also spent seven years in retail store operations with Whole Foods as Store Director including opening new stores in Chicago and Plano. James’ wife, Jennifer, was a long-time DSISD teacher and assistant principal working at Dripping Springs, Rooster Springs, and Walnut Springs Elementary schools, as well as in the administration office as the district's Elementary Instructional Facilitator. All three children attended DSISD from Pre-K through high school. James served on many DSISD and DSYSA Sports Boards.

    Nichole Newlan – CPA, Accounting Team Manager, and 16+ year resident of DSISD. Her experience includes extensive expertise reviewing financial statements for the private and non-profit sectors. Her two children recently graduated from Dripping Springs High School. 

    Stacey Steinbach – Attorney with experience serving as general counsel for water districts and municipal utility districts, including overseeing the issuance of bonds and related contracts and construction projects. She has been a DSISD resident for over four years and has children who attend school in DSISD. 

    Christopher Newton (Alternate) – Civil Engineer and 13-year resident of DSISD. Chris has over 25 years of experience working in design and construction inspection, including numerous bond projects for schools, roadways, and public facilities. 

    Jennifer Parry (Alternate) – Director of Programs for the Texas Cultural Trust. Jennifer is a new resident to Dripping Springs and her child attends Cypress Springs Elementary. She is a certified teacher and fine arts administrator and comes to DSISD from Del Valle ISD where she served on the district’s Citizen’s Growth Committee, which made recommendations for districtwide growth projects and district bond proposals.