Modify Tiger Stadium

  • LRFPC Recommendation
    The committee has recommended that the district modify Tiger Stadium to support the second high school if it is decided that a second comprehensive high school will be built. Tiger Stadium would serve as the home competition stadium for both high schools in DSISD. 

    The Committee's Process
    The committee looked at three options for a competition stadium to support a second high school if it is built: 

    1. Modify Tiger Stadium to support a second high school (Recommended)
      The modifications to Tiger Stadium may include things like an additional locker room/halftime space to be used by the second high school team and/or adding additional seating on the visitor's side of the stadium to better serve the two schools. Tiger stadium would be the home stadium for both DSISD high schools. 

    2. Build a second competition stadium dedicated to the second high school. 

    3. Do nothing to Tiger Stadium and let the second high school use it as is. 

     Tiger Stadium