Consider Expanding Sycamore Springs Middle School to 1,200-Student Capacity

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    LRFPC Recommendation
    The committee has recommended that the district consider expanding Sycamore Springs Middle School to a 1,200-student capacity and should gather community feedback. The committee did reach a majority agreement to expand SSMS; however, it was not a strong majority.

    The Committee's Process

    • Examined current challenges caused by current overcrowding at the campus.
    • Reviewed the original facility design, which included an option to expand.
    • Met on site at SSMS to see the core spaces and gain an understanding of the building setup. 

    Reasons to Expand SSMS

    • Quickest solution to address middle school growth and overcrowding.
    • Will enable better feeder patterns into our middle schools because both campuses will be the same size (1,200-student capacity). Based on the elementary capacity in DSISD, 1,200-student middle schools can accommodate up to three feeder elementary campuses.
    • Least disruptive to students as they transition from elementary to middle school because students will be able to transition with their entire 5th grade class. Not increasing capacity at SSMS will most likely require a split for one of our elementary campuses for its feeder pattern into middle school.
    • Lower total cost of ownership.
    • A larger campus could support more options for academic and student programs.
    • Leverages the original site design to maximize the footprint. 

    Current Middle School Feeder Patterns

    • Sycamore Springs Middle School (850-student capacity): Cypress Springs Elementary, Rooster Springs Elementary, Sycamore Springs Elementary
    • Dripping Springs Middle School (1,200-student capacity): Dripping Springs Elementary, Walnut Springs Elementary 

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