Better Together

    Better Together is a program designed to help Tiger Nation be more respectful, positive, inclusive, and kind. Through improvements to our school environment and school-wide activities, student leaders will help make our schools brighter, safer, and more welcoming for all students, teachers, staff, and families. We know that we are each unique, but we are Better Together!

    We pledge to be inclusive, encouraging, kind, and work together though we’re all unique. We’ll come to school with a positive mind and respect others when they speak. We’ll support each other in all types of weather, because we are Better Together!

    I pledge to...

    • Recognize and respect each person’s uniqueness to create a culture that celebrates strengths and supports weaknesses. 
    • Foster a more inclusive community within our school through my actions and interactions.
    • Communicate kindly with consideration of my peers and keep an open mind in discussions. 
    • Treat others equally within our campus in order to connect the staff, students, and families in our community, because we know we are all Better Together!