Practices begin Tuesday, September 19, 2023

    Chess Puzzles (2nd-5th Grade)
    Chess puzzles is very different from tournament chess play. Contestants receive a paper/pencil test that includes a series of chess boards with pieces in particular positions. The contestant must then determine the fewest moves to checkmate given that particular board layout. It is strongly encouraged that students already know how to play chess before choosing this event.

    Creative Writing (2nd Grade)
    Students are given several pictures from which to choose. They then create an original story based on their selections. Students have 30 minutes to complete their writing. This event encourages writing skills and creativity in an academic format.

    Maps, Graphs, and Charts (5th Grade)
    The maps, graphs, & charts contest is designed to help students learn to get information from a variety of maps, graphs, and charts including world maps, pie charts, bar graphs and local area maps. The objective test will measure skills such as using a reference book to locate information, making comparisons, estimating and approximating, using scale and interpreting grid systems, legends and keys. 

    Music Memory (2nd-5th Grade)
    Music Memory is an in-depth study of fine music taken from a wide spectrum of genres. In the course of preparing for the contest, students will be given the opportunity to describe and analyze the music, relate the music to history, to society and culture, and to evaluate musical performance. During the event, students will listen to short clips of music and have to identify the name of work, selection and composer. Memorization and spelling are key to success in this event.

    Number Sense (4th-6th Grade)
    Students will be coached to make quick mental calculations using various strategies. Concepts covered include, but are not limited to: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, proportions, and use of mathematical notation. For the contest, students will be given a 10-minute, fill-in-the-blank test which they must complete without doing any calculations on paper or on a calculator. 

    Oral Reading (4th & 5th Grade)
    Reading literature out loud provides opportunities for students to analyze texts, to grow and to develop as a performer, to communicate a message to an audience and to perform. Students will read a selection of poetry. Each selection may be one poem, a cutting of a poem, or a combination of poems, from published poets.

    Ready Writing (3rd-5th Grade)
    This event helps students to learn to write clearly and correctly. Contestants are given a choice between two prompts, which defines the audience, and provides the purpose for writing. Students will be encouraged to analyze the prompts for the purpose of writing, the format, the audience, and the point of view.  

    Spelling (3rd-5th Grade)
    This contest is designed to give students exposure to a wide variety of vocabulary words. Students will study a list of pre-selected words and learn to spell proficiently, write clearly, and capitalize words properly. Preparation will include instruction in the rules of the English language, meanings, definitions, and root words.

    Storytelling (2nd & 3rd Grade)
    Students are read a brief story and have to retell it in their own words before a panel of judges. The students are coached to use facial expressions, vocal variety, originality, gestures, articulation and enthusiasm.