All volunteers, new and returning, must complete online registration into the Inspiring Volunteers program:

    • To create an account, visit dsisd.ezcommunicator.net to establish a username and password.
    • We recommend using an email address as the username. Passwords must be a minimum of eight characters, using letters and numbers only (no special characters).

    For the safety of our students, all volunteers for Dripping Springs ISD undergo a background review process. As a requirement of state law and Dripping Springs ISD policy, before any volunteer may begin service in the schools, a criminal history background check must be completed. Here are a few details upfront about the background review process: 

    • The background check is run only with the consent of the volunteer and is completed at no charge to the volunteer.
    • The background check is confidential and is conducted through a third-party vendor and managed by the DSISD HR Department (all HR staff are highly trained in the confidentiality of background checks required by law as part of the HR duties for reviewing and monitoring background checks for all DSISD employees). 
    • Campus staff are not involved with the background review, nor do they see a volunteer’s criminal history. 
    • All volunteers will register online to provide consent for the background review and to become a volunteer.  
    • The potential volunteer must provide the date of birth and legal name. The district also seeks other identifying information to facilitate the background check. 
    • Volunteers will use a dedicated sign-in station each time they enter campus to volunteer. 

    Please Note: Not all past criminal arrests or convictions result in the denial of volunteer services. Each case is addressed on an individual basis and in a confidential manner. Discretion may be used in some cases where the criminal history check reveals prior convictions. The following factors may be taken into account:

    • Nature of the offense (e.g., seriousness and extent of crime)
    • Age of the person when the crime was committed 
    • Date of offense and how much time has passed
    • Adjudication of the offense (e.g., found guilty, pleaded guilty, dismissed, etc.) 
    • The nature and responsibilities of the volunteer job 
    • The effect of the conduct on the overall educational environment
    • Any further information provided by the person concerning his or her criminal history record 

    Upon completion of the background check, the campus will only be notified if the volunteer is cleared. The specific information contained in the background check is not revealed to anyone on the campus. 

    In some cases, a criminal history exists that may warrant a confidential conversation by the Chief Human Resources Officer or the Assistant Director of HR with the applying volunteer. If a history requires further review or is initially denied, the volunteer will be contacted by a DSISD HR Administrator and he or she will be provided an opportunity to discuss details of the resulting background review and determination.