COVID Case Dashboard FAQ


    Q:  Does the dashboard reflect every DSISD student and staff member who has tested positive this year?

    A:  The dashboard reflects staff and student cases who were on-campus during the time that the individual was symptomatic or potentially contagious to others, starting with the first day of school. In addition, the dashboard will not reflect students who are learning virtually through this fall's Virtual Academy, which starts August 24, 2021.


    Q:  Are asymptomatic cases reflected on the dashboard?

    A:  Yes, all positive cases, including those who are asymptomatic, are counted on the dashboard if he or she tests positive for COVID-19 and was on-campus during the time that the individual was potentially contagious to others.


    Q:  Does the dashboard reflect cases that were identified as positive before the first day of school?

    A: The dashboard reflects data for students who have been on campus starting with the first day of school, August 17, 2021. If individuals who tested positive after being on campus for other activities prior to August 17, those cases are not included in the dashboard numbers. 


    Q:  How is the dashboard compiled?

    A:  District personnel compile the number of cases based on parental reports, then update the website dashboard. 


    Q:  When are cases removed from the “active” column?

    A:  Because individuals are eligible to return to campus after 10 days, those cases are removed from active count on the dashboard at that time. (Cumulative cases include both active and recovered, dating back to the start of the school year.)


    Q:  Does the district report hospitalizations on the dashboard?

    A:  The district does not have access to medical records or details of an individual’s condition regarding an illness. The confidentiality of medical information is also protected by HIPAA laws.


    Q:  Does the district require a certain type of test to confirm the active case?  

    A:  Per TEA, the district accepts results from all types of tests as a positive case.