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    District Contest Results (December 3, 2022)


    What is Academic UIL?

    The University Interscholastic League (UIL) offers a variety of academic contests that provide academic challenges and opportunities to reach greater levels of achievement for students beginning in second grade. Students are coached by teachers after school before competing at the school level. Students who qualify will continue to be coached before competing at the district competition on December 3, 2022. 


    Why Participate in Academic UIL? 

    TEAMWORK: Participating in UIL teaches that it is a privilege and an honor to represent their school. Students learn to win and lose. Self-motivation and curiosity are essential to the best academic participants.

    LEADERSHIP: Experiences through interscholastic activities help prepare students for life.



    The registration deadline for elementary UIL is Thursday, September 15 by 4:00 p.m. 

    Children may participate in events at the grade level that they receive instruction (up to one year above grade level).  

    To register, please click here.


    Campus Contact Information

    Cypress Springs Elementary

    Miranda Heaston - Phone: 737.260.8743; E-mail: miranda.heaston@dsisdtx.us

    Lindsey Henry - Phone: 737.260.8743; E-mail: lindsey.henry@dsisdtx.us


    Dripping Springs Elementary

    Jill Zipperer - Phone: 512.858.3759; E-mail: jill.zipperer@dsisdtx.us

    Britney Hamilton - Phone: 512.858.3790; E-mail: britney.hamilton@dsisdtx.us


    Rooster Springs Elementary

    Natalie Mahany - Phone: 512.858.6241; E-mail: natalie.mahany@dsisdtx.us

    Whitnee Dunn - Phone: 512.858.6256; E-mail: whitnee.dunn@dsisdtx.us


    Sycamore Springs Elementary

    Lucy Martinez - Phone: 512.858.3943; E-mail: lucy.martinez@dsisdtx.us


    Walnut Springs Elementary

    Gay Klassen - Phone: 512.858.3863; E-mail: gay.klassen@dsisdtx.us

    Ryan Clark - Phone: 512.858.3832; E-mail: ryan.clark@dsisdtx.us