The SMART Tag program that DSISD implemented in late fall improves safety and security for bus riders by leveraging technology with more streamlined student management and communication on school buses. In January of 2021, the district is moving into the next phase of the SMART tag bus rider system, at which time parents will have the option to register for the SMART Tag Parent Portal.


    The parent portal offers the following benefits for families of DSISD bus riders:

    • Confirms that a child boards and exits a bus as expected
    • Registers the parent for Smart Alerts, which sends a text message to a designated cell phone when the bus is approximately 10 minutes away from the bus stop
    • Designates guardians to meet young riders (PreK-2nd) at the bus stop 


    To register for the Smart Tag Parent Portal, parents should have available the student's ID, date of birth, campus and grade.


    Parent Portal


    Registration Steps and Saving Parent Portal to a Phone




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