The purpose of this data is to provide our Dripping Springs ISD families and staff with a summary of active COVID-19 cases, updated after notifications are made. In other words, parents at the campus will receive an email before this dashboard is updated. Each Monday afternoon the district reports weekly totals to the state. An active case indicates that a student or staff member participating in on-campus activities has tested positive for an active COVID-19 infection. Individuals who test positive will be permitted re-entry to campus once the individual meets the return criteria set by state and local health authorities. Once a case is cleared to return, it is no longer considered an active case and will be removed from the dashboard active count but is still reflected in the cumulative case count. The cumulative count dates back to the first day of school, August 18, 2020.

    Updated: Dec. 3, 2020



    three heads

    Total Number of DSISD Employees:  1,026
    Total Active Cases:  8
    Total Percentage of All Employees:  0.8%

    Cumulative Number of Cases (dating to 8/18/20 and including active cases):  18                 


    two kids     

    Total Number of In-Person Learners:  5,232
    Total Active Cases:  27
    Total Percentage of All In-Person Learners:  0.53%

    Cumulative Number of Cases (dating to 8/18/20 and including active cases): 72

    (Total Enrollment=7,275)     



  • #Previously reported student case was removed after proven to be a false positive pursuant to TEA guidance (two negative PCR acute infections tests at least 24 hours apart)


    When the district learns of a positive case of COVID-19, we work through the contact-tracing process in collaboration with health professionals – starting with our campus nurses – and are guided by the Hays County Health Department and its epidemiologist based on the specifics of the case. The process is followed for both student and staff cases. Many factors come into play in identifying close contacts, including the individual's activities, locations, symptoms, etc. DSISD moves through a comprehensive process to research each case. The answers to these questions determine who the close contacts are based on health department protocols. Every individual case has a specific set of conditions/variables that the district provides to the Health Department to make a determination. The Health Department also guides the district on the number of days that must be traced backwards from either the positive test result or the onset of symptoms.


    The district takes notification steps to reach out to several groups. Individuals determined to be close contacts are personally called. All staff and parents at a campus are notified via email, which is a required step. In addition, DSISD takes an additional step of emailing parents whose children were in a class or activity with the individual, but not determined to be close contacts; this step is not required but an extra layer DSISD uses to inform parents. In some cases of a group that is asked to quarantine, an email may be used to share this information. 


    Process Map