• In accordance with applicable laws, Dripping Springs ISD officials must notify the local health authority and the Texas Education Agency of an individual who is test confirmed for COVID-19. The purpose of this dashboard is to provide our staff and families with transparent information. 

    A positive case indicates that a staff member or a student who was onsite at a school or district facility has tested positive for COVID-19 and were on-campus during the time that the individual was symptomatic or potentially contagious to others. Individuals who test positive are excluded from participation in an in-person/on-campus activity until he or she meets return criteria set by local and state health authorities. Once the individual is cleared to return, the case is moved from the “active cases” column of the dashboard.

    The dashboard also includes “cumulative cases” columns for both staff and student cases to provide complete information and greater transparency to our stakeholders. We will update the dashboard daily during the week so that our parents will have up-to-date and accurate information available to assist them in making informed decisions for their students. 

    Updated 1/27/22