Norms/Commitments/Action Items

  • At the first Long-Range Facilities Planning Committee meeting of the 2019-20 school year on November 7, committee members worked in small groups to identify the committee's norms, collective commitments, and immediate action items.


    • Attend meetings consistently and be punctual
    • Come to meetings prepared
    • Be respectful of others
    • Maintain transparency
    • Focus on consensus building
    • Be open-minded and flexible
    • Practice respectful discourse through active listening
    • Honor everyone’s time and the process


    • All means all (students, staff, parents, community members, taxpayers)
    • Remain focused on student and staff needs with consideration of whole community
    • Use tax dollars efficiently and effectively
    • Participate in effective and open dialogue
    • Be willing to learn and open to new ideas
    • Model lifelong learning
    • Exhibit fiscal responsibility through use of data 



    Before next meeting:

    • Look at safety needs in facilities
    • Spend time on website reviewing LRFPC resources
    • Streamline norms and collective commitments
    • Update demographic report to include buildings planned to come online
    • Update campus charts to reflect capacity

    Over next six months:

    • Prepare master plan