• Tiger Dads are needed for the following activities and/or events. 

    Please contact our parent liaison to coordinate days and schedule your time.


     Tiger Dads Volunteer Opportunities

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    • Morning Mission
      • if you LOVE mornings then this is for YOU! 
        • an adult to assist staff with welcoming students as they arrive on campus
        • 8am - 9am


    • Sport Court Assistant
      • an adult to assist outside during student lunch
        • A Lunch:  11:15am-11:45am
        • B Lunch:  11:45am-12:15pm
        • C Lunch:  12:45pm-1:15pm


    • Lunchroom Greeter
      • an adult to monitor and encourage appropriate behavior during student lunch
        • A Lunch:  11:15am-11:45am
        • B Lunch:  11:45am-12:15pm
        • C Lunch:  12:45pm-1:15pm


    • Designated Reader
      • an adult who reads directions and/or instructions aloud to students
      • an adult who reads test questions and answer choices aloud to students


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    • We'd love to hear from you!
      • If you have suggestions or ideas about additional ways to get involved please let us know!
        • Contact Tiger Dads Parent Liaison
        • Michelle Curry
        • michelle.curry@dsisdtx.us
        • 512-858-3619




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