• Walnut Springs Elementary Relocation/Dripping Springs Middle School Renovations
    Budget: $34,700,000 (WSE) and $4,100,000 (DSMS)

    Completed Work:

    • Architects and the project manager held multiple meetings in the spring to gather pre-design input from teachers, campus administrators, parents, and members of the public. A Google form also was used to collect input.
    • The input that was gathered was reviewed and organized by the architects. A summary of input was provided at meetings held May 28.
    • Architects applied input the the creation of design sketches and worked as a team to take two variations and draw up schematic designs that show the potential location on the site and the general school layout.
    • A community meeting was held to share the two schematic designs on July 23. Meetings also were held with campus administrators and with teachers. All groups had the opportunity to ask questions. The architect gathered feedback from all groups. In addition, a Google form was used to collect feedback.
    • Architects presented a schematic design to the Board of Trustees at the Nov. 18 meeting that included both a site plan and floor plan.
    • Schematic design for DSMS renovations include outdoor learning spaces, collaborative areas, improvements in Functional Academics classrooms, outdoor performance area.

    Design Update (1.21.20)

    Current Work:

    • Prepare construction documents for both WSE construction and DSMS renovation
    • Coordination with Corgan, Cunningham Allen (civil), and American on wastewater connection with Arrowhead Subdivision
    • Engineering to decommission existing wastewater treatment plant
    • Traffic study

    Next Steps:

    • Bid process
    • Probable Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) recommendation to the Board of Trustees
    • Construction is set to begin around June 2020.


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