• DSISD Transportation Site and Building Improvements
    Budget: $3,340,624
    Actual Expenditures: $3,319,098


    Scope of Work:

    • Address approved assessment report upgrades
    • Parking expansion for buses and cars, including re-striping
    • Drainage improvements
    • Renovate existing warehouse space
    • Improve site lighting for safety
    • Maintenance bay addition

    Completed Work:

    • Demo of interior of transportation department building
    • Underground plumbing and electrical rough-in
    • New concrete light pole bases poured
    • Underground rough-in for new site lighting layout
    • Paving patches and new lot striping
    • Foundation for extension of mechanic shop
    • Paving work around building
    • Interior framing of walls
    • Interior mechanical, electrical and plumbing wall and overhead rough-in
    • Door frames
    • Drywall
    • Paint
    • Tile
    • Millwork
    • Mechanical, electrical and plumbing top-out
    • Structural steel for extension of mechanic shop