• Dripping Springs Elementary Renovations and Furniture Upgrades
    Budget: $5,080,000: $4,380,000 (DSE) and $700,000 (furniture)

    Actual Expenditures: $4,982,514


    Scope of Work:

    • Address approved assessment report items (HVAC central plant, plumbing, exterior wall panels, paint, etc.)
    • Replace stage curtains
    • Renovate space shuttle
    • Replace regular classroom furniture throughout campus

    Completed Work:

    • New paint accent colors have been added to the gym and cafeteria
    • New exterior wall panels are installed
    • New classroom furniture was delivered
    • New HVAC central plant was installed
    • New underground plumbing (one section of school)
    • Refinished bathrooms
    • Gyms received new rubber flooring and garage doors
    • Exterior lighting was installed to meet dark-sky requirements
    • Administration and entry areas received new paint and furniture