It is important that parents of students with diabetes communicate fully with the nurse about their student's needs. If possible, please make arrangements to meet with the nurse prior to the first day of school to discuss the student's treatment plan.

    Dripping Springs ISD requires the following forms for all students needing diabetes care at school:

    • Current orders from your child's physician and/or a Diabetes Medical Management Plan signed by your child's physician
    • A Medication Administration Request Form for the use of insulin, glucagon, etc. 

    The student's parent/guardian is required to provide all necessary medication(s), supplies, and snacks for the student with diabetes.


    A student with diabetes may possess all of the supplies needed to care for themselves while on school property or at a school-related event provided they have parent/guardian permission and have demonstrated the skill level necessary to care for themselves as it relates to their diagnosis. 

    Please note:

    Unless an additional supply of medication(s), snacks, and/or diabetic supplies* is provided for storage in the nurse's office on campus, parents and students must recognize that it is the student's responsibility to carry their medication and supplies at all times. The school does not keep any extra supplies nor medication on hand.

    *including, but not limited to syringes, needles, glucometer, glucose test strips, glucose tabs, insulin pump supplies, ketone test strips, etc.


    House Bill No. 984 (Care of the Student with Diabetes) mandates that school principals identify unlicensed personnel to assist with caring for students with diabetes during the school day or while participating in a school activity, in the event of the nurse's absence. Each school with a full time nurse must train at least one (1) unlicensed diabetes care assistant (UDCA). The UDCA will provide diabetes management and care services if the campus nurse is unavailable.