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    Pearson Math


    There are two ways to log in to Pearson: 

    1. Login to Google and open a Google App (mail, drive, etc.). Then click the App Launcher "waffle" and scroll to the bottom and click on the Pearson App. You must have mail, drive or calendar open for the Pearson App to appear.
    2. Login by using the district web page . It will prompt you to login to Google.  Your previous Pearson credentials will not work. Please do not use any saved link for Pearson that you may have. Feel free to remove the shortcut on your student computers or we can remove them this summer. 
    dsisdtx.us> select campus> parents and students> online curriculum resources> pearson math
    When sharing this info with your students it would be a good idea to remind them how to properly log out of Google. 


    Xtra Math

    Xtra Math

    The students will put in my email address:  kelly.pesek@dsisdtx.us and then they will put in their first name with first letter of last name (Kelly P.) and their pin.



    This program is a great math tool for your child to continue practicing math skills.  When you get to the webpage, scroll down until you find the class for Pesek. Click on that link and it will take you to the log in page.

    The student will find their name, click on it and then click on the picture password for their account.


    Typing program


    The username looks like this:  ds(the student's id number)first initial last initial

    The password looks like this:  DS(the student's id number) 

    An example would look like this:  user:  ds123456kn     pass:  DS123456


    Book Orders

    Scholastic Book Club

    If you are interested in ordering books through my website.  Click on the link.  You will need the class activation code to make the order.
    You will need to be sure that you are shopping as a parent.  The book order will come to me at school and I can give your child the book(s) when they come in.




    Student Google Login

    Google Login

    A great way for your student to work on any project at home or check out what's been done.

    username:ds######firstinitiallastinitial@dsisdconnect.com  (ex:  ds123456kn@dsisdconnect.com)
    password:  DS###### (ex:  DS123456)


    Prodigy Math Game

    This is a program that I have set up a class account for. Click on the link and then click on Play Prodigy.

    The students have their user names at school and a parent letter had the students' user names on the sheet.  Their passwords are DS and their number, for example:  DS123456

    Prodigy Game


    Math Links