• Tiger Paw


                            Administrative/Staff Responsibilities





    Joe Burns

    Principal & Instructional Leader

    Administrative Coordination

    Budgets/Student Activity Accounts


    Academy Program Developer

    Academy Guides

    Academy of Business Entrepreneurship Coordinator

    Academy of Fine Arts, Design & C Communication

    Academy of Business Entrepreneurship Coordinator

    Professional Development Coordinator

    Curriculum Coordinator

    Fund-Raising Approval

    Campus Improvement Plan Coordinator

    Campus Advisory Team Coordinator

    Master Schedule Coordination

    UIL PRogram Coordinator

    TEA & PEIMS Report Coordinator

    Graduation Coordination

    Booster Club Liason

    School Board Liason

    PTSA Liaison

    RTI Team Member

    Travel Approval

    Faculty & Staff Observation and Evaluation

    Supervion of School Activities

    Organizations & Cub Liaison

    Academies Coordinator

    Guidance & Counseling Coordinato

    Dept. Liason for English & Athletics

    Student Handbook

    Faculty/Staff Handbook