The Learning and Innovation (L & I) Department – formerly called "Curriculum and Instruction" – oversees all areas of teaching and learning district-wide. These areas include, but are not limited to: operations, communications, development, whole child learning, instruction, personalized learning, innovation, and technology integration. The Learning and Innovation Team works closely with campus administrators at each school to plan the course for educational opportunities for all students. The L & I Department is also responsible for: state and federal accountability reporting and compliance and coordinating personalized professional development.


    The Innovative Approach to Our Work

    The L&I Department is organized in a matrix organizational structure rather than a traditional hierarchy. Each team member has dual roles. One role is their traditional job description and the other is called their "leadership charge." 

    Within the department, the leadership charges form a cohesive team structure to move the district forward toward our vision.  


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  • Instruction

    The Instruction Group will ensure that sound instruction, with an emphasis on personalized learning, is consistent district-wide as we embrace best practice strategies that will benefit our 21st-century learners. This networked team will work on instructional effectiveness & learning support systems. 


    Leadership in Instruction

    Stephanie Love - Instructional Effectiveness

    Wendy Kubenka - Learning Support Systems

  • Development

    The Development Team focuses not only on the resources that guide our instruction in the progression of our district mission and vision but also on the student evidence demonstrating mastery of the content and skills. They work together to identify and solve problems in strategic ways to bridge systems of learning with personalized education. The teams that encompass the development part of our district work are focused on bridging systems to align essential skills, determine mastery of skills, reporting of mastery, vetting our resources, and a continued process to build a quality flexible framework that allows personalized learning to happen.


    Leadership in Development

    Michael Kryzsak - Content Development

    Amber Daige - Curriculum & Assessment

    Carla Bailey - Strategic Design

  • Technology Integration

    As technology is integrated into instruction, this group will work to ensure we keep up with innovative products, as well as, maintain the district's current assets.


    Leadership in Technology Integration

    Cindi Wade - Director of Technology

    Misty Maxwell - Transforming Teachers through Technology

    Katie Henry - Systematic Integration of Technology

  • Innovation in the Classroom

    The Innovation team will endeavor to develop focused and purposeful programming to ensure each campus has access to robust and equitable resources, instruction, and technologies.  


    Leadership in Innovation

    Karen Tiller - CL&I Leadership 

    Amy Caldera - CL&I Programs

    TBA - Advanced Technologies & Design Thinking

    TBA - Advanced Technologies & Design Thinking

  • Whole Child Learning

    The Whole Child Learning team will ensure that every child in every school has an opportunity to be supported and challenged as well as provided a healthy and safe environment in which to learn.


    Leadership in Whole Child Learning

    Jennifer Sprague - Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    Susan Maxey - Director of Special Services

    Kari Hibdon - Special Services Instructional Facilitator

  • Personalized Learning

    To align with DSISD's mission and vision, each student is given a personalized education. Although this task is constantly evolving by nature, this team works collaboratively to ensure growth is achieved by every student in the district each year.


    Leadership in Personalized Learning 

    TBA - Vision into Action

    Katie Henry - Personal Learning

    Mandy Turner - Professional Learning

  • Operations & Communications

    The Operations Team supplies materials for instruction and facilitates standardized testing.  They work with other groups to ensure compliance and reporting. The Communications Team will work collaboratively with all the groups to ensure accurate, clear & consistent communications is distributed district-wide. This team will work to organize & present information in a manner that honors the district mission, vision & brand.


    Leadership in Operations & Communications

    Rhonda Whitman - Student Services

    Rhonda Carpenter - Administrative Assistant

    TBA - Communications