What is World Cultures About?

  • The focus of our course will be to master world cultures and world geography using critical thinking strategies, examination of primary and secondary source materials, academic writing practice, inquiry-style lessons, projects, and more. This course is designed to help students acquire a better understanding of culture, history, government, economics, current events, and the world as a whole. Using critical thinking and problem-solving, students will be better able to use evidence and historical context to make connections to the modern world and its people. 

    The focus of the Pre-AP course will be to master World Cultures and World Geography using Pre-AP designed strategies.  This course is designed to help students master the same material, but also begin using the higher-level thinking skills that will eventually be required on the AP test. Pre-AP students can expect differentiation of curriculum based on examinations of Primary Source Documents, Secondary Source Documents, Writing Samples, and Method of Inquiry.

More About World Cultures