Useful Links in Fifth Grade

  • Link to Webstore for Agenda

    BYOD Letter


    Link to Background Check Forms


    School Supply List

    Patrick Wish List

     Center for Learning and Innovation

    Camp Champions Home Page

     Bus Information



    Pearson Sign-in

    Class T-Shirts 

    Dear Parents,
    This year we’ve been using an exciting educational game called Prodigy. While we will be using the
    program during school hours, students can play with the same character at home to supplement
    their practice!
    How does my child play Prodigy at home?
    1. Go to Prodigy Website on almost any Internet enabled device.
    2. Select 'Play Prodigy' in the top-right corner.
    3. Once the game loads, click the 'Sign in with Google' button.
    4. Enter your child's Google e-mail and password to login.
    Your child's Gmail e-mail and password can be used to log into the game by following the
    instructions above.

    Homework Help-


    • Brainpop-

      • Free, online videos on a variety of topics
      • Use login provided by SSMS or SSES teachers



    • Khan Academy-

      • Online resources and tutorials for multiple subjects and levels


    • CalcMadeEasy- Free, available in app store
      • Scientific calculator app on devices


    • Photomath- Free, available in app store
      • Scans and checks math problems


    • MyHomework- Free on multiple platforms
      • Planner app with live tutor available for purchase


    • ITranslate- Free, available in app store
      • Free translator


      • Free trial, some permanent free videos.  Hip-hop songs and videos to reinforce topics


    • Dyslexia Keyboard- Paid App available in App Store
      • Paid, assistive typing tool