• The following is a quick synopsis of attendance procedures at SSMS.  Please refer to the entire DSISD Student Handbook for complete information.

    Sycamore Springs Middle School Attendance Clerk
    Jennifer Houssain
    Email: ssmsattendance@dsisdtx.us

    Parent Instructions for Reporting Absences
    1. Log into Skyward Family Access on your computer or mobile device.  Click “Attendance” OR
    2. Send an email using this address: ssmsattendance@dsisdtx.us  OR
    3. Call the Attendance Office at 512.858.3601


    Parent Instructions for Requesting Early Release
    1. Please be sure to arrive with your ID to sign your student out at the front office.
    2. Students will not be called from class until a parent arrives.  Please allow 5-10 minutes for a student to be dismissed from class. 
    Reporting Absences
    When a student is absent from school for any portion of a school day, the student’s parent must verify the absence using one of the methods listed above. Absence verification must describe the reason for the absence.

    Parents should report absences as early as possible, and preferably by the end of the day. DSISD has an automated attendance notification/reminder phone call that is placed to parents if the Attendance Office has not received notification of the absence. While Attendance Offices attempt to cancel the automated call once the parent has reported an absence, it is possible the call could still go out. Parents are asked to report absences and submit medical documentation within 48 hours.

    If a student misses more than four consecutive days because of a personal illness, upon return to school he/she must bring a statement from a health care provider verifying the illness or condition that caused the student’s extended absence.

    Unexcused Absences
    Unexcused absences are those that are not exempt or excused, but are approved and verified by a parent. Out-of-town absences are documented as unexcused absences. Parents must verify the absence to the campus Attendance Office within 48 hours of the absence. When possible, verification of a planned absence should be provided in advance of the absence. Absence verification must describe the reason for the absence.

    Definition of Tardy
    A student who is not in class when the bell rings and does not have an official excuse is considered tardy. Teachers will track the number of tardies for each student. By the third tardy, the teacher will talk to the student about the importance of being in class on time. Teachers will submit a referral through Family Access at the fourth (and each subsequent) tardy.
    Truancy Calls
    DSISD has an automated attendance notification phone call that is placed to parents if the Attendance Office has not received notification of an absence.  If you believe your child was not truant for that day, please contact the teacher who marked your child absent. Detailed attendance information can be found in Skyward Family Access.   The Attendance Office cannot change a truancy absent without documentation from the student’s teacher verifying presence in class.

    Attendance-Taking Time
    The district must submit attendance of its students to the TEA reflecting attendance at a specific time each day. Official attendance is taken every day at 10:50 a.m. A student absent for any portion of the day, including at the official attendance-taking time, should follow reporting procedures to provide documentation of the absence.

    For more information regarding DSISD attendance policies, please click here https://www.dsisdtx.us/domain/143