• RSES Nurse's Clinic
    The Rooster Springs Elementary Nurse's Clinic, under the direction of LaDonna Skrobarzcyk, R.N., is available to serve student health-related needs of all kinds.
    Nurse LaDonna is a graduate of the Brackenridge School of Nursing in Austin, Texas.
    Our Mission
    To educate students to be healthy, practice safety, and keep parents informed. 
    Quick Links:

    Medication Permission Form

    • Parents/guardians must provide all medication and a signature is required for all medications given at school.
    •  A US-licensed physician’s signature is required for:
      • All controlled substances (ex. narcotic pain meds & most ADHD medications)
      • Over the counter medications to be administered more than 10 consecutive school days or two weeks
      • Medications prescribed differently from manufacturer’s directions


    Texas Vaccine Requirements for Pre-K Students

    2022 - 2023 Texas Minimum State Vaccine Requirements for Students Grades K - 12

    Students attending Texas public schools must be in compliance with state immunization laws in order to start school. Non-compliance will result in students’ withdrawal from Dripping Springs ISD until compliance is met. A 30-day provisional enrollment is allowed for students who:
    • have an immunization record that indicates the student has received at least one dose of each specified age-appropriate vaccine required ;
    • are homeless as defined by §103 of the McKinney Act, 42 USC §11302;
    • are in foster care as defined by §1355.20(s);
    • transfer from one Texas school to another and is awaiting the transfer of the immunization record; or
    • are dependents of a person who is on active duty with the armed forces of the United States.
    The immunization rules may be found in the Texas Administrative Code. Additional information may be found on the Texas Department of Health Services website. 


    Health Resources:

    District health related information, required forms for certain health conditions, and district policies

    District's Fever Policy

    Anaphylaxis Action Plan (FARE) - English / Spanish

    Asthma Action Plan - English / Spanish

    Diabetes Medical Management Plan

    Seizure Action Plan 

    Local Immunization & Care Providers


  • RSES Nurse

    LaDonna Skrobarczyk, R.N.


    Clinic Hours 7:00 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

    1001 Belterra Drive ◆ Austin, Texas 78737

    Phone 512.465-6204 ◆ Fax 512.465.6299