• What is a bond?

  • Why do you need a bond election?

  • How are school districts funded?

  • How can bond funds be used?

  • Why is there no other way to fund these projects?

  • What is the difference between the November 2022 Bond and the May 2023 Bond?

  • Why not use bond funds to increase teacher and aide salaries?

  • Is there a detailed breakdown of costs for each line item in the bond?

  • Are bond funds subject to the state’s recapture, or “Robin Hood” law?

  • What is the tax impact for voters 65 and older?

  • When was Dripping Springs ISD's last bond election?

  • What happens if the proposed bond package is not approved by voters?

  • If the bond doesn't pass, when would the district put forth another bond referendum?


  • How will passing a bond affect current tax rates?

  • How can Dripping Springs ISD afford to issue bonds without an increase to the tax rate?

  • Why does the ballot language say this is a tax increase?

  • What is Dripping Springs ISD’s property tax rate?

  • If the District overestimates future costs and there are funds leftover from the bond, where does the extra money go?

  • What is the oversight mechanism the District uses to manage the bond projects and spend?

  • How has the district managed prior debt?


  • What is included in the Dripping Springs ISD bond?

  • What is included in the Campus Security and ADA updates?

  • Where would a new elementary school be built?

  • Why is the design of High School #2 included and not the construction?

  • Where would a new high school be built?

  • Why is replacing the competition gym floor included in the bond?

  • What is the 18+ Program?

  • How will current SSMS students be impacted during construction? Will work only occur during summer break?

  • Why was the SSMS expansion recommended instead of building a new middle school?


  • How do I know if I am registered to vote?

  • Who is eligible to vote in this election?

  • What if I’m new to the community and not yet registered to vote?

  • When is early voting and election day?

  • Where can I vote?

  • If I have questions concerning the bond issue, who should I contact?

  • How were the voting locations selected for the May election?