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Millie Hogg
1st Period -  9:00 - 9:51   7th grade girls' athletics  
2nd Period-  9:55 - 10:46  Conference 
3rd Period - 11:20 - 12:11 6th grade PE
4th Period - 12:15 - 1:06   6th grade  
5th Period -   1:10 - 2:01   6th grade PE  
6th Period -   2:05 - 2:56   6th grade PE    
7th Period -  3:24 - 4:15   8th grade girls' athletics  



Conference time: 9:55 - 10:46


Graduated from Stephen F. Austin. Married with two children.  Have coached for Conroe I.S.D., Willis I.S.D.,  Marble Falls I.S.D., and now Dripping Springs I.S.D. Love Dripping Springs! LOOKING FORWARD TO ANOTHER GREAT YEAR.

Course Information

6th Grade PE:
6th grade PE 1st semester, and final exam grade.

1st Semester: Students will develop a spreed sheet to record their Pacer laps for each time they run the pacer. Student's 1st semester exam grade will be the spreed sheet with their pacer runs, their motivation level and their goal they want to obtain by the end of the year. This will be turned in as a hard copy to their PE teacher.
Final Exam: Students final exam grade will be the continuation of the first semester exam spreed sheet. The final exam grade will be their spread sheet that should have all information from 1st semester, and adding their final pacer run with the motivation level and analysis of reaching their goal.  This will be turned in as a hard copy to their PE teacher.




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