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2017 FINAL Review Topics

Chapter 3—The Founding of the 13 Colonies Chapter 4—Life in the 13 Colonies

-Jamestown -Anne Hutchinson

-missions -voting rights in the 13 colonies
-Puritans 3.

-Roanoke -Roger Williams

-1607 -New Netherland

-tobacco -New England economy

-Georgia -Tidewater

-John Winthrop

Chapter 5—The Road to Independence More Chapter 5
-Types of British colonies -Proclamation of 1763
3. -Result of French & Indian War

-Albany Plan of Union -Patriots

-Intolerable Acts -Stamp Act

-Common Sense
-Townshend Acts

-Thomas Jefferson -Sugar Act


-Boston Massacre

Chapter 6—The American Revolution Chapter 8—The Early Republic

-Battle of Lexington -Federalist Party

-Treaty of Paris, 1783

-Primary US ally
-Washington’s Farewell Address

-Independence Hall
-Democratic-Republican Party

-British advantages: -Cabinet under George Washington:
1. 1.
2. 2.
3. 3.
4. 4.
-Colonial advantages:
1. -Pinckney Treaty
4. -Origin of the Dept. of the Navy

-guerilla warfare
Chapter 9—The Age of Jefferson

Chapter 7—The Constitution -John Marshall

-Northwest Ordinance

-Shay’s Rebellion
-Embargo Act

-Louisiana Purchase

-Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court:
1. -Barbary Coast pirates
-War Hawks

-Francis Scott Key

-Marbury v. Madison

Chapter 10—Growth & Expansion More Ch. 12

-Missouri Compromise -Oregon “country”

-Convention of 1818 -manifest destiny

-Economy of Northeastern cities Chapter 13—Life in the North

-Regional hub of US industry
-Adams-Onís Treaty

-Appeal of immigrant labor
-Admission of new states

Chapter 14—Reforming America
Chapter 11—Age of Jackson
-Temperance Movement

-Democratic Party

-Horace Mann
-Seminole tribe

-Oberlin College of Ohio
-Indian Removal Act

-Political reforms of the Jacksonian era:
2. Chapter 15—Events Leading to Civil War
-John Brown
-Nullification Crisis

-Dred Scott v. Sanford
-Bank of the United States

-civil war
-John Quincy Adams

-Secession of southern states
Chapter 12—Moving West

-Gadsden Purchase Chapter 16—The Civil War

-First Battle of Bull Run
-Mormon migration

-Jefferson Davis
More Ch. 16


-Lincoln’s primary goal 

-Monitor and Merrimack

-General McClellan

-Source of Confederate troops rejected by
 Jefferson Davis

-role of women in Civil War

Chapter 17—Reconstruction

-John Wilkes Booth

-Southern economic base

-13th Amendment

-Freedmen’s Bureau

-Southern resistance to Reconstruction

-Methods to keep African-American men from voting:

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