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Transition Services
According to the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), transition services means a coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability that is:

1)  designed within an outcome-oriented process that promotes movement from school to post-school activities, including:

  • post-secondary/vocational training
  • integrated employment
  • adult/daily living (if appropriate)
  • functional vocational evaluation (if appropriate)
  • independent living
  • community involvement (if appropriate)
2)  based on the individual student's needs, taking into account the student's preferences and interests.

Transition services may include instruction, related services, community experiences, and the development of other post-school adult living objectives.  Services may also include acquisitions of daily living skills and functional vocational evaluations.

For additional information regarding transition services, please contact:

Jeanine M. Egby, M.A., LSSP, NCSP
Transition Specialist

Texas Transition and Employment Guide

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