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Logo Usage/Licensing
Logo Use Guidelines

In 2015, Dripping Springs ISD convened a committee of parents and staff to work with a consultant in the development of a new brand for the district. As a result of this work, the district has created a new brand that represents our district and our goal of personalized learning. A brand represents the way that the district wants to be identified … what sets Dripping Springs ISD apart from other districts.

At Dripping Springs ISD, we don’t just provide the children of our community with an education; we provide a signature education that reaches each student as an individual and connects each student with his or her passions. This type of learning environment will help students reach their unique and individual potentials.

The rollout of the new brand was timed to coincide with the introduction of the 2016-21 strategic plan. The district introduced both during the spring of 2016, and full implementation of the plan began with the 2016-17 school year.

Also available is a style guide that defines proper usage of these marks. The DS “paw” logo continues to be the athletics logo for Dripping Springs High School and Dripping Springs Middle School. Sycamore Springs Middle School also will use the paw with a silver accent color.

Introductory video for new brand and strategic plan:

Mobile version
Desktop version

There are two graphic representations of this concept: a signature logo and a stamp logo.
         logo2            logo1

Licensing Program

In 2011, the Dripping Springs Independent School District applied for and received trademarks from the State of Texas for the team nickname ("Dripping Springs Tigers") and the Tiger Paw logo that is used for athletics (pictured at right).

Concurrently, the district implemented a licensing program. This program benefits the wholesalers and vendors that manufacture or carry Dripping Springs Tiger merchandise because they are officially designated as licensed dealers for merchandise using trademarks. The program also positions the district to oversee and assure the integrity of the marks through proper usage, while providing a financial benefit to the school district through royalty fees.

Although a licensing agreement is required for use of all trademarks, a royalty is not required on merchandise being supplied directly to Dripping Springs ISD; a Dripping Springs ISD school; an officially recognized DSISD Parent Teacher Association, parent organization or booster club; or a school-sponsored student organization.

The licensing program is managed by the DSISD Communications Office (512.858.3082).

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