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About this class STUDY HALL guidelines

       Dripping Springs Middle School

7th & 8th Grade Study Hall




How to reach me:

Telephone number: 512.858.3439

Email address:

Web page link: http://www.dsisdtx.us/index.aspx?NID=540

Conference Daily from 1:10-2:01 (The purpose of teacher/parent/student conferences is to work together to enhance the student’s middle school experience. An open line of communication among all stakeholders is ALWAYS in the student’s best interest.)

Course Overview:

            Welcome to Study Hall! During this year, I hope that you will not only be successful in your current classes, but also gain study skills and habits that will help you be successful in school and other pursuits in the future.



            Students are expected to:

  • use time wisely in study hall by working on homework or preparing for tests or exams.
  • receive extra assistance from the teacher in areas where it is needed.
  • develop organizational skills
  • expected to be on task during class time and will receive a grade for their effort in class


Class Rules:

  • Bring all necessary materials to class
  • If necessary, be prepared to show proof of completed homework
  • Be in your assigned seat and ready to work when the bell rings
  • Be respectful and courteous of others and their property








Grading: is Subjective and is based on productivity.

 100 points per day = average for the week points per week



                        You MUST be in your assigned seat when the bell rings. You are expected to have any needed materials out and be ready to work.


                        You are expected to use study hall wisely. There will be NO free time during class, so be sure to bring enough work to last the allotted time. If completion of homework has been verified, you must read a book, study for test/quizzes, or work on an educational product. Students will lose points if they are a distraction to others around them.


            Agenda & Weekly Grade Report:

                        Students will record their homework and other class assignments using their preferred method. This information helps students manage their time at home and to insure homework assignments are completed.

                        Students will use their Skyward Access to monitor progress in each class. Please make sure your student knows how to access their grades in Skyward.  This will enable Mr.Fyall to monitor student’s progress in all classes.


Failure to follow these rules or to bring the necessary materials will result in a loss of points for that day.


Digital Citizenship: Students are expected to turn off ALL electronic devices before entering class. Permission to use electronic devices is at Coach Smith’s discretion. It is understood that technology and social media can and will be a distraction, so it is extremely important that each of us does our best to remain respectful as learners and digital citizens. There will be consequences if the technology disrupts the learning environment, either your own personal learning environment or the learning environment of those around you.  Under no circumstances should the following occur in class: 

  • Pictures taken of any assessment. This will result in a zero on the assessment and will have disciplinary consequences. 
  • Pictures taken or images recorded of other students or teachers without their consent.
  • Refusal to give your device to any DSMS employee if asked.


Meet the Teacher is Tuesday, September 6, 6:00-8:00pm









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