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Aetna Health & Wellness Library
Aetna, the third-party administrator for TRS-ActiveCare health plans, provides periodic information about a variety of health and wellness topics.  Many of the flyers below are general information of interest to all employees, while some relate to programs available to employees and family members enrolled in TRS-ActiveCare health plans.

 Aetna Discount Programs  Spanish
 Aetna Health Connections*  
 Aetna Intelihealth  
 Aetna Navigator*  
 Beginning Right (Prenatal Information)*  
 Breast Health Spanish
 Cervical Cancer Screening  Spanish
 Colon Cancer Screening  Spanish
 Coping with Stress  Spanish
 Family Caregiving  Spanish
 Flu & Pneumonia  Spanish
 Halloween Safety  Spanish
 Healthy Eating  Spanish
 Healthy Weight  Spanish
 Heart Health  
 Personal Health Record*  
 Preventive Care  
 Responsible Drinking  Spanish
 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life*
Smoking Cessation   Spanish

*for employees enrolled in TRS-ActiveCare health plans

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