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Science Websites
Visit this site to complete lessons and explore our class' current topic.
username: DS(six-digit school ID)(first initial)(last initial)      password: DS(six-digit school ID)

Science/Math Simulations
Visit this site to interact with science and math!

Electric Circuits
Visit this site to learn more about electric circuits!

Electric Cars and Nikola Tesla
Visit this site to learn about Mr. Tesla and the invention of electric cars!
Thanks to Barnes' Science Group for the recommendation!

Adaptations Webquest
Visit this site to learn all about adaptations!

Animal Adaptations - Bioluminescence
Visit this site to see how animals have adapted with bioluminescence!

Robotics Videos
Visit this site to see videos of how robots are being used today!

Science Buddies
Find neat science fair project ideas! This website also has questions, answers, and tools.

Education.com/Science Fair
Find more science fair project ideas here!

You can play games, do activities and projects, and explore all things science! 

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