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DSISD Legislative Priorities: 85th Legislative Session

While no one funding system will help all districts, we ask our legislators to strongly consider the Texas Supreme Court's opinion that our school funding system is "...imperfect, with immense room for improvement."

  • We support an increase of the basic allotment by $200 in the first year of the biennium, then $400 in the second year. Redirecting the ASATR appropriation, using estimated property value increases, and enrollment growth statewide, the state can create a net savings while expanding support for education. In this situation, increases in the allotment would not be subject to recapture.
  • We support the continuation and expansion of the New Instructional Facilities Allotment (NIFA) as well as Instructional Materials Allotment (IMA).

We support moving from a culture of assessment to a culture of "LEARNING."

  • We support limiting the student assessment program for Grades 3-8 to only those assessments required to meet ESA requirements:
               + Reading in Grades 3-8
               + Math in Grades 3-8
               + Science in Grades 5 and 8
  • We support eliminating the requirement that students enrolled in dual-credit courses must take and pass comparable EOCs.
  • We support the establishment of a community-based accountability system.
  • We strongly oppose A-F campus and district ratings.

We support the continuation, evaluation, and expansion of Districts of Innovation
  • We support empowering districts to innovate in ways that make sense to meet their unique community needs. Expand HB 1842 to include the evaluation of best practices within current districts of innovation, sharing of these best practices, and expansion of statute to allow deeper innovation including areas of assessment and accountability, and school finance.

We support investment of public funds in public schools.

  • We support the use of taxpayer dollars for existing public schools to empower them to transform into the schools our students need and deserve. We strongly oppose the use of public funds to pay for any form of voucher plan, particularly Education Savings Accounts (ESAs).

We support the maintenance of TRS as a defined benefit system, and the careful evaluation and overhaul of both TRS ActiveCare and TRS Care health insurance plans.
  • We support the maintenance of TRS as a defined benefit system to attract and retain quality school district employees.
  • We support the evaluation and overhaul of both the TRS ActiveCare and TRS Care health insurance plans in order to support the health and well-being of all educators and retired educators.
  • We support the continuation of Texas Insurance Code Chapter 1579, Subchapter D that does not allow schools to opt out of TRA ActiveCare unless originally exempted from the program as enacted by the 77th Legislature (HB3343, 2001).

Approved by the DSISD Board of Trustees 11.28.16

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