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Alternate Transportation
The District only provides alternate transportation in an emergency. 

Students are expected to ride their assigned bus and load/unload only at their assigned stop.  In the event of an extreme emergency, a parent may request their student ride a different bus by completing the "Request for Alternate Transportation" form online located on the DSISD Transportation website.  The form must be submitted with all requested information at least one day in advance and must be approved by the transportation department.  This service is intended only for emergencies and will only be permitted in extreme emergencies.  If the request is approved, the campus will receive the approval to print for the student as the driver is required to have this documentation.  When a student needs to go home with a friend for any reason, parent should work out transportation issues together ahead of time.

Parents requesting their student be permitted to unload at a stop other than their assigned stop on their assigned route must also complete this same form one day in advance to ensure the driver has documentation of the approval.

Choose the school the student attends to access the appropriate Request for Alternate Transportation Form.

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