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Other Fantastic Websites
Keyboarding Without Tears
Visit this site to perfect your typing skills!
Choose 4, Hurst, your name, and then enter your secret code.

Watch videos about hundreds of topics! 
Username: drippingses Password: brainpop

Learn Zillion
Visit this site to see video lessons on a wide variety of topics!
Username:   Password: tigers

Visit this site to put to rest your wonderings!

Visit this site to learn how to code!
Sign in with Google

Visit this site to learn how to code!
Sign in with Google

Create interactive posters at this site.
Username:     Password: tigers

Create interactive posters at this site!

Write your own computer code!
Username: misshurstsclass Password: tigers

QR Stuff
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Make a prezi for a presentation!
Username:  Password: tigers

Make a fotobabble and talk over your photo!
Username: misshurstsclass  Password: tigers

Make a word representation of any subject!

Make a word representation of any subject and have the words arranged in lots of different shapes!

Draw a picture to compliment any project!

Make Beliefs Comix
Create your own comic about anything!

Power Point Games
Create your own power point game like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc.

Dance Mat Typing
Visit this website to practice your typing. No login info needed.

Twas the Night Before Christmas
View the classic poem!

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