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Dripping Springs Independent School District, TX

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Public Forum
Texas law does not require Boards of Education to hold a public forum; however, DSISD Trustees have chosen to provide that opportunity to the public. At a regular board meeting, any persons wanting to speak during a public forum will need to sign in. The Board will allot no more than 45 minutes to hear persons speak. Persons will be heard on a first-come, first-served basis and will not be permitted to relinquish time to another person.

Delegations of more than five persons must appoint one person to present their views before the board. The amount of time allowable ranges between three and five minutes. No presentations may exceed five minutes. Refer to BED (local) policy located with the sign up sheet.

Complaints and concerns for which other resolution channels are provided will be directed through those channels. The presiding officer or designee will determine whether a person who wishes to address the Board has attempted to solve the matter administratively. If not, the person will be directed to the appropriate policy BED (local) to seek resolution before bringing the matter to the board at a subsequent meeting.

Policy BED (Local)

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