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Sophomore Year

Meet with your counselor and revisit and tweak your 4 year plan including your academy.

Make good grades – Focus on your GPA.  Take challenging classes.  Focus on your interests.

Think about registering for dual credit classes v AP or a combination of both next year. (See TIDBITS for an explanation.)

Get or stay involved in extracurricular activities – Seek out leadership positions when possible -see 9th grade

Continue building positive relationships with teachers –  -see 9th grade

Sign in on Bridges to take interest surveys which are linked to career possibilities and to explore careers.  www.bridges.com  Login:  dsID#initials  (lowercase ds, your school ID, #, your initials)  Password:  DSID# (capital DS, your school ID, #)

Revisit your 4 college choices and decide if you want to add or subtract to your list.  Visit those new websites and determine admission requirements.  Be specific.  Take a virtual tour and decide which campus you can visit. 

If you need help picking a university, go to Big Future (a link from College Board –www.collegeboard.org).  By answering a few questions, Big Future will generate a list of live links of colleges you match up with.  Go to the trouble of visiting those websites.  Again, write down their admission requirements.  Be specific.

 Visit the representatives for your new college choices at the College Fair.  Get online and make an appointment with the college to take a tour.  Let our attendance secretary know when you are planning your trip.

Scholarships – continue looking at scholarship opportunities on our HS website. Register with scholarship search web sites if you want to.  Don’t put off researching scholarships until senior year - when it is time to apply!

Revisit the college funding discussion with your parents.  Make a plan.

Take the PSAT.  Remember that this one is for practice also.  You will take the PSAT as a junior.  It counts next year.  Compare your scores with your scores as a freshman.

Plan your summer – see 9th grade

Keep your academic (high school and college) information. Include test scores. Tag with a large “10” – see 9th grade.

Take an interest inventory –Big Future  (www.collegeboard.org)

Summer before 11th grade – organize and prepare

Complete your summer reading and any summer assignments (check HS website)

Write down any activities and update your activities resumes and community service logs. See 9th grade

Take a PSAT and/or an SAT or ACT prep class.  (Check the district website)

Volunteer in the community –see 9th grade

Email and call professionals in your field of interest and arrange an internship or shadowing opportunity.   Ask questions.  Follow up with a thank you card.

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