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Walnut Springs Elementary Dripping Springs Independent School District

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Dripping Springs ISD  

Elementary Art Department 

Student Focused 

Community Driven 

District Advancing 

Universally Applicable 






ART IS... 

• The umbrella for all fundamental learning. 

• Essential visual literacy. 

• A core subject as the foundation for all other subjects. 



• Are certified Art Educators, teaching the Elements of Art and 

Principles of Design based on the Art TEKS. 

• Are in alignment with the Fortune 500 top requests for future 

employees; creativity. 

• Prepare students with the necessary skills to advance in the 21st 

century, from Kindergarten to their career lives: 

1. Trigger prior knowledge. 

2. Actively engage students. 

3. Initiate higher-level thinking. 

4. Utilize problem solving. 

5. Develop independent thinkers. 



• We give students a voice. 

• We see every child as gifted. 

• We bridge gaps between divergent learning, through 


• We gain aesthetics and cultural appreciation. 

• We value the process as well as the product. 



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